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A handy guide to help you choose your next chainsaw

Stihl chainsaw cardiffIntroduction

You may have had your trusty chainsaw for many years now, it’s just lately you may have decided that its now time for an upgrade?

This is where Cardiff Lawn and Garden can help you. We can therefore guide you through the various model chainsaws that we currently have in stock, that’s also whilst advising which chainsaws would be best suited for different applications.

We are a Cardiff based Stihl Approved Dealer, so this means that you have come to right place for help and advice regarding your next chainsaw purchase.

Therefore if you are in a bit of a predicament as to which chainsaw will best suit your requirements, well we are on hand to help.

Plus, it’s also worth mentioning that if you require spare parts for any Stihl product that we are only a phone call away if we can assist you on: 02920-569-311.


A word to caution first…

Before we dive in and start recommending various chainsaws for you to use, we must first advise you that you should only use such equipment if you are appropriately trained to do so.

As you would expect chainsaws are inherently dangerous items, this means you should receive appropriate training before use.

With that said, let’s now start to look at some of the various chainsaw options that we can offer you:

Occasional use / Chainsaws for lighter use

stihl and viking approved dealers

As you might expect, not all chainsaws are designed for heavy use and cutting down a large number of trees.

This means if you would like a chainsaw for less strenuous tasks, such as thinning shrubs, bushes or even felling the odd small tree, well, we would highly recommend opting for one of the following chainsaws instead.

These chainsaws are often described as “Property Maintenance Chainsaws” or saws for “Occasional Use chainsaws”.

We currently stock a wide range of Stihl chainsaws that can be used for such applications. These chainsaws are not therefore commonly used for heavy duty applications such as forestry management.

Instead these saws a better suited to less demanding cutting applications, and therefore occasional use.

We would therefore recommend checking out the Stihl MS171 or perhaps the Stihl MS180. There are also many other models to choose from as well, so why not check out the “property maintenance” section of our chainsaw page?


Chainsaws designed for agricultural and horticultural applications

Now we are starting to enter our mid-range chainsaw options. As we main dealers for Stihl chainsaws, these chainsaws are robust allrounders that are incredibly well-made and engineered.

If you therefore intend to use your saw for agricultural or horticultural applications, then we would highly recommend checking out for example the Stihl MS 271, MS 291 and also MS 391 models.


Heavy-duty chainsaws ideal for forestry work

When we think of high-performance chainsaws, able to cope with the most demanding of applications a lot of people will instantly think of Stihl.

Stihl forestry chainsaws are therefore used throughout the world by professional tree surgeons and forestry management experts alike, these professionals therefore require chainsaws that they can rely on for rugged durability and solid performance.

We would recommend checking out the “Forestry Chainsaw” section of our website. We would also recommend having a look at the Stihl MS441 as an example of a heavy-duty saw.


Arborist Saws

Cardiff Lawn and Garden main chain saw dealers for cardiff

Professional arborists demand a saw that’s lightweight yet powerful- this is exactly what Stihl’s range of arborists saws can offer.

With exceptional cutting performance these saws are ideal for tree surgeons that are dedicated to tree maintenance.

We would recommend checking out the Stihl MS201.


Electric chainsaws

For some tasks a conventional petrol-powered chainsaw may well be deemed too noisy. In noise sensitive locations many professionals instead opt to use an electric chainsaw.

Plus, its also worth noting that these saws do not release any exhaust gasses, this can sometimes be another reason why an electric chainsaws are required.

Stihl manufacturers a range of electric chainsaws, which are incredibly powerful and due to the design are often light weight as well.


Cordless chainsaws

Whether your cutting branches off a tree or quickly cutting wood on a demolition site, there is often a requirement to use a chainsaws that are cordless.

Stihl also manufacturer a range of cordless chainsaws as well.


Stihl Spare Parts and Chainsaw Maintenance

When you invest in a Stihl chainsaw, you are investing in a high-quality product that’s backed up by a global network of Stihl dealers that can offer you spare parts. It therefore stands to reason why so many customers will use nothing but approved parts and maintenance products for their Stihl tools.

We therefore stock everything from chain oil, two stroke oils and we even have many spare parts in stock ready to take-away today. If we do not have the spare part in stock, as approved Stihl dealers we have access to a wide range of spare parts, this means that we can order such parts for our customers quickly.

We can also help to maintain your chainsaw and have experts inhouse that can help to repair or maintain a Stihl chainsaw.

Therefore, if you need expert advice, quality Stihl products or spare parts, there’s a name that many professionals in the business trust to deliver everytime, that company is Cardiff Lawn and Garden.

Why not call us today on 02920-569-311 or pop in to our centrally based showroom in Cardiff today?