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A guide to selecting the right petrol disc cutter / cut-off saw


Whether you refer to this particular tool as a “petrol disc cutter” or a “cut off saw”- one things for sure, that is you will want to weigh-up which saw will best for you.

So, in order to help you pick the right disc cutter, well we’ve written this rather handy guide.

Here at Cardiff Lawn and Garden we are approved Stihl dealers, so you can rest assured you will be receiving top quality tools, as well as excellent customer service to match.

Here’s a guide to some of our more popular disc cutters that we sell, as well as some key facts to help you pick the right saw for you:


Stihl TS 410

One of our most popular disc cutters that we sell, this saw offers fantastic value. Weighing just 9.5kg this is not as heavy as some cut off saws, it’s worth bearing in mind that a heavy saw can make tasks feel more tiring so a powerful saw that’s also lightweight is what Stihl can offer you.

With the Stihl TS 410 you are purchasing a tool that’s been manufactured to a very high standard, just take the light-weight, die cast magnesium parts that go into making certain components of this disc cutter.

Its these high-quality and well-engineered parts that separate this saw from many of its rivals.

Another reason to choose a Stihl saw is the long-life filtration systems, which are coupled to high-performance engines.

This allows this disc cutter to be reliable, plus you can rest assured that when you buy a Stihl product you will be able to obtain the spare parts that you need.

Here at our Cardiff showroom we also have a dedicated spare parts desk and maintenance area where we maintain and service many Stihl products for businesses throughout the U.K. 


TS 420 Disk Cutter

This saw is another one of our best sellers, a robust saw which weighs just 9.7kg.

A firm favourite in the construction sector and used my many busineses that require a durable saw that has an ergonomic design.

Whether you are cutting stone, concrete or asphalt the TS 420 is a high-quality saw which offers fantastic value for money.


TS 480i (complete with Stihl’s fuel injection system)

For businesses that require a high-quality disc cutter, which has a motor producing powerful torque there’s a model that’s proven its performance across the world, that’s the TS 480i.

Why is this model so popular? Well this is due to Stihl’s fuel injection system, this system is electronically controlled, allowing the saw to run perfectly and smoothly.

Whether your cutting a concrete block, or simply a kerb stone there’s one thing for sure, that is the user will want an efficient saw.

The TS 480i can reduce fuel consumption, that’s when compared to a Stihl saw that does have this injection technology.

Ts 500i

The Stihl TS 500i weighs just 10.2kg, yet with that said when you compare the power to weight ratio of some other manufacturers this saw will often win hands down.

The Ts 500i also comes complete with Stihl’s renowned fuel injection system. It’s worth noting that some disc cutters can run what some people would refer to as “lumpy”, that’s to say they do not run that smooth.

This means that some cut off saws can fluctuate the revolution of the disc to the point where they become difficult to use or even result in stalling the engine.

The range of Stihl saws are simply in a different, and in a completely different league altogether from some other manufactures. This saw has a fuel injection system making the saw extremely powerful and smooth-running, which is ideal for use in a wide range of cutting applications.


TS 700 Disc Cutter

If you require immense cutting power, well the TS 700 is an extremely powerful disc cutter. With a 5.0 KW engine this saw can make cutting some materials effortless.

Weighing in at just 11.7KG and then comparing this to actual power of the saw, well even the most experienced of disc cutter users, who carry out the most demanding of tasks with this tool will be impressed.

What’s also worth keeping is mind is also that Stihl always keep a keen on making these saws as ergonomic as possible.Stihl really does therefore keep the user in mind.


TS 800

The most powerful disc cutter that we retail, the TS 800 is a saw that’s used throughout the world when your business requires a heavy duty saw.

With it’s 5.0 KW motor, weighing just 12.7KG this is the ideal saw if you want to invest in a proven brand and requires an ultra-powerful saw.

Cardiff Lawn and Garden Stihl Dealer

Looking for Stihl parts?

Cardiff Lawn and Garden don’t just provide parts for Stihl cut off saws, that’s because we can also provide parts for most other Stihl products as well. So, whether you are looking for parts for your Stihl pressure washer, chain saw or garden trimmer, we can help.

We have experienced team that can help you to locate the parts you are after, plus if you need advice or maintenance of any Stihl product then we can help also.


Is your Stihl product in need of repair?

When it comes to some other manufactures its difficult sometimes, or even sometimes impossible to get spare parts for some products.

This means that when you purchase other brand chainsaws, disc cutters or garden trimmers well if the product does subsequently develop a fault, it is then destined for one place, and that’s for recycling.

However, when you invest in Stihl product, well your investing in something all together different, that’s a quality product that’s backed up by approved dealers that can help repair your Stihl product.

Cardiff Lawn and Garden is one such approved dealer, plus we have highly experienced mechanics that work for us that have many years of experience repairing or helping to service Stihl products.


Approved Stihl Products

If you’ve invested in a Stihl product then you will want to maintain your product and use quality products to help prolong its life.

Therefore, many businesses in Cardiff and surrounding areas call into our showroom for two-stroke oils, chain oils and discs for their disc cutters.

We can also recommend whether the Stihl product should have certain parts replaced also to help ensure you obtain the maximum value from your product.